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Can microsuction hurt me?

Usually it does not hurt, but it depends how bad the wax build up/ear infection is. Most of the time it is a little bit noisy. If there is a ear wax build up, we can continue with ear microsuction on another appoitnment date after initial wax softening treatment has been taken. 

Can ear microsuction cure my ear infection?

The first step is to examine your ears and diagnose whether you have an external ear infection or middle ear infection. If it is an external ear infection and you also have ear discharge, ear microsuction will be the first step to cure your ear infection. From then on you may need medications on a prescription and regular ear microsuction. 

Can i go onto a flight after microsuction treatment?

Yes you may, as the external part of the ear is treated, therefore the inner structures behind your eardrum are intact during microsuctioning. 

Do i need to be referred by my GP?

No you don't, just call us or email us to book an appointment. You may also pay over the phone or book your treatment online once you have an appointment date and time. 

What if I need to see theeardoctor more than once, do I pay for the follow up?

If you require further follow up with us, follow up charge for ear infection will be £80. If you require follow up for future ear microsuction for wax build up, you can receive 10% discount if you book 5 sessions with no cancellation.

How long does ear microsuction take?

This depends on the extent of the wax build up or ear infection. Usually it should take no longer than 15-30 mintues. 


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